Sevilla away to Real Madrid, was asked whether to trust Sevilla, Enrique pointed out that "a long time ago, I focus on their own team." The media revealed that the week "I do not care about things that are not related to the game Carl Hagelin Jersey." Alves will switch to Juventus again in the Champions League final, Barcelona coach said, "I am happy to see him." Played the Champions League final, I know how important he went to the club, we all know how I evaluate him Josh Archibald Jersey. This season J Luo playing time is only about 1800 minutes, the team countdown, the regular rotation lineup, only Pepe and Casillas than he played less time, the Portuguese defender or because of injury too much Ian Cole Jersey. Colombian is Real Madrid team history worth the third expensive star, transfer fee 80 million euros, second only to Bell C Lo, but after the departure of Ancelotti, he has never played the first season after joining Real Madrid's performance Justin Schultz Jersey. The tournament this season, J Luo 11 ball 12 assists, direct manufacture of 23 balls, is still La Liga made one of the most midfielder. But the Colombian defensive consciousness is weak, so that in the competition lost to Islam, and Zidaneo warfare focus is more preference for the star star Arsenio, but also let J Luo feel in the Bernabeu no future.