Fox NBA career began in the Celtics Matt Cullen Jersey, he boarded the team honor is the pinnacle of the Lakers Kevin Porter Jersey. Between 2000 and 2002, Fox helped the Lakers complete three consecutive championships. In this wave of three consecutive years, Fox became the Lakers starter, is O'Neill and Kobe Bryant around the important auxiliary. In this year's playoffs, the Warriors have shown more than any other team's competitive level, and even can be said that one of the NBA's strongest team in history Daniel Winnik Jersey. In all the 16 teams in the playoffs, the Warriors scored in the field, hit rate, limit opponents hit rate, assists, steals are ranked first, rebounds and blocks ranked second. For these figures, the Warriors team did not care, they will not show a trace of small satisfaction, because the whole battle is not over. Durant said: "We just try to play, we will not come out from the locker room when we say, let us win the opponent 17 points.Of course, everyone wants to win, this is your goal, and we talk about But we just want to play every round, play beautiful basketball.As long as we focus on the details above Derrick Pouliot Jersey, you can succeed, so we have to continue their own play.